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  • Aim to promote the role of hydrogen and fuel cells to enable them to become key components of our future low carbon economy on the island of Ireland.
  • Provide clear, informed and current views on best practice for hydrogen technologies.
  • Engage the governments both sides of the border to develop policy and support for the inclusion of hydrogen and its related equipment, within this energy transition.
  • Facilitate public and business awareness of the potential of hydrogen via showcasing and demostration of the latest technology

We Solve Problems facing todays energy transition

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Facilitating action

In order for the energy transition to succeed in Ireland, there must be informed discussions with the correct policy makers

Latest Developments

We offer informed views of the latest hydrogen developments from industry professionals


Networking with crucial partners and striking up the necessary conversations to help Ireland transition

Latest Publications:

New fleet of hydrogen trains welcomed

Hydrogen Ireland have welcomed news that Britain’s leading train manufacturer and maintenance provider, Alstom, and leading British train owner and financier, Eversholt Rail, have announced

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