Power-to-X refers to technologies that convert (renewable) electrical power into a new resource. Power-to-Gas falls under this banner but there are also a number of other end products which are being investigated.

These technologies traditionally require scale to gain the best economics. Production of such liquid chemicals as ammonia or methanol using renewable energy will lower the carbon footprint of base chemicals whilst also converting the energy into a commodity which can be traded globally.

Some governments are considering how to maximise the use and application of renewable energy resources and power-to-X is being investigated as one of the key technologies.  Renewable energy available in Australia can be transferred by marine tanker to Japan using a chemical such as ammonia.

Given Ireland’s availability of bio material the opportunity for Power-to-Gas could offer an opportunity for expansion of the penetration of renewables, and, whilst waiting for pure hydrogen applications to manifest themselves, convert any excess hydrogen to synthetic natural gas for injection into the existing natural gas grid.

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