Hydrogen Mobility Applications

Hydrogen mobility is a blanket term used to describe the roles that hydrogen can take in transport. Currently, in society we have a fossil-fuel based economy which has led to severe air quality pollution, global warming and sustainability problems. Governments have responded to these concerns and have decided that our mobility needs will be met more sustainably in future. Hydrogen will play a key role in this change.

Fuel cells are currently being implemented into a wide variety of vehicles, taking the place of conventional petroleum or diesel engines.  Vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota, Hyundai and Honda are committing significant financial support to passenger and other vehicle development. This is delivering the introduction of models and numbers of vehicles globally is increasing, albeit from a low base. They offer a reasonable distance for passenger vehicles (300-400 miles) as well as being able to be refuelled in under 10 minutes (considerably faster than pure electric vehicles).

Toyota’s Fuel Cell Mirai

‘Hydrogen Mobility’ projects have begun around the world. These are combining the efforts of industry and government to plan the introduction of fleets of vehicles and refuelling stations to raise the profile of hydrogen as a fuel and prove its viability. In Ireland, initial hydrogen mobility discussions are occurring, but are at a very early stage.

Hydrogen differentiates itself more clearly from full battery electric vehicles when the weight of vehicles are heavier – so application of fuel cell technology for use in buses, trucks, trains and boats is progressing quickly.

Closer to home, Wrighbus is a leading hydrogen vehicle developer who remains committed to hydrogen with the introduction of a new double deck model which will be used in various cities with hydrogen infrastructure. Hydrogen when used as a transport fuel not only offers a way to decarbonise road transport, but can create local economic growth, improves work-force skills, diversify the energy solution and improve the environment.

FC Double-Decker bus

Wrightbus Hydrogen Busses

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