Hydrogen Ireland speaker at ITEG webinar

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The ITEG webinar series kicks off on October 19, 2021 with ‘The Importance of Tidal Energy in a clean hydrogen economy’. Webinar speaker Josh Williamson from Hydrogen Ireland member Hy Energy looks forward to the event with his own thoughts here:

During the 2010s we’ve witnessed an unprecedented drive to maximise decarbonisation through national initiatives and global treaties, such as the Paris Agreement. With the majority of the world committing to legally-binding targets, countries are finally starting to recognize the grand scale of the action required in order to realise net-zero economies by 2050.

It’s become glaringly obvious that a massive capacity of renewable power generation is going to be needed, not only to satisfy the electricity grid, but also to power the production of green molecules too, whether that been hydrogen, methanol, ammonia or others. That way, we can decarbonise traditionally hard-to-abate sectors too such as industry, heating and heavy-duty mobility too.

The UK and EU have been very successful in their deployment of traditional land-based solar and wind installations in the past two decades, and as such have achieved significant CO2 savings of over 20% a piece when compared to 1990 levels. Thus, the two are now looking to the seas for their next weapon in their arsenal of renewable energy generation, with offshore wind considered the cornerstone technology for the next phase of a sustainable revolution. Offshore wind possesses great potential across the coasts of Europe with a potential 3,400 TWh of capacity that could be realised in the years out to 2030. Thus, the EU and UK have set significant targets of 60GW and 40GW by 2030 respectively – but what about tidal and marine energy?

Ocean energy – tidal and marine – represents a great opportunity to garner a further exponential increase in renewable energy that will be required to decarbonise all the sectors we need to – after all, we’ll need as much as we can get for 2050. Thus, with the ability for a potential capacity of 100GW by 2050, why are the EU only targeting 1GW of production in the next 10 years?

As part of the ITEG Webinar series we’ll be exploring these questions, as well as the sector’s potential couple with hydrogen as we’ve been investigating through the ITEG project. In this first webinar, we’ll discuss the important contribution that tidal energy can bring to achieving global carbon emission reduction targets. Speakers will discuss the latest tidal innovations under development and how integration with hydrogen production could open up new market opportunities for the ocean energy sector. The webinar will also share insight from the ITEG project: an integrated tidal energy and hydrogen production solution for clean energy generation to be demonstrated in Orkney.

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