October World Hydrogen Congress more important than ever.

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The World Hydrogen Congress event from October 4-6 2021 at the PTA Congress Centre in Amsterdam will see hydrogen professionals from across the globe connect with thought-leaders, share insights and best practice and discover the latest developments in the field. Speakers will answer a broad range of questions from tackling which market sectors will grow first to exploring how clean hydrogen can rapidly scale.

Technical questions – including how modularity can aid the engineering of hydrogen facilities, ways to reduce hydrogen costs and standardize interfaces, and how different sources are developing (green, blue, pink / nuclear, hydropower) – will be explored by hydrogen thought leaders, who will also share the latest intelligence on specific policy and legislative incentives, and de-risking clean hydrogen finance.

“The capital and political will is there but hydrogen leaders now need to work together on sector- specific incentives to stimulate demand. Ahead of COP26, The World Hydrogen Congress represents a unique opportunity to put the clean hydrogen transition on the agenda by gathering the world’s leading experts in this field”, says Founder Nadim Chaudhry

Speakers include:

 •     Paul Bogers, Vice President – Hydrogen, Shell

•     Pierre-Etienne Franc, Chief Executive Officer, FiveT Hydrogen

•     Millan Garcia-Tola, Global Director of Hydrogen, Iberdrola

•     Christian Pho-Duc, Managing Director – H2 Projects, Smartenergy

Testament to its position as a go-to event on the world stage, the event is sponsored by world leading companies including Shell, EY and Smartenergy.

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