Aligning Hydrogen to deliver for Industry, Communities and the Environment

At Hydrogen Ireland we are convinced the way forward is Industry and academia working cohesively to ensure we deliver on our 2050 Zero Emission targets. Research must be focused on industry and environmental requirements. Equally important is the interaction the Hydrogen industry has with Environmentalists, Politicians, Government and Regulators who must be kept informed with relevant high-quality research, business plans and technology updates. The alignment between the Hydrogen Industry and National/International Climate goals that agree with all the leading Environmentalist thinking is essential.

The key components of our climate goals where Green Hydrogen aligns with Environmental Strategy include;

  1. Energy efficiency & demand reduction

The first priority is to promote and maximise efficiency in all of the energy we use, this is the lowest cost solution to climate change as it will reduce the energy consumed whether is for lighting, cooking, heating of our transport needs. Green Hydrogen can deliver on efficiency as it has the potential to integrate with traditional heating systems such as natural gas and electric heat pumps with the added benefit of heat recovery. Using electricity as a primary source of energy Hydrogen systems provides the flexibility required by the national grid to enable the development of small-scale energy systems that feed into the network enabling reduction in energy wastage and demand for the upgrade new energy networks.

Hydrogen can play a key part in the deep retrofitting of our buildings and can be integrated into new building standards to ensure new and upgraded properties are top rated and energy efficient.

  • 100% decarbonised energy system.

Essential to the delivery of our zero emission targets we must change the way we generate the energy required to fuel our electricity, heat and transport markets. Urgent support is required from every section of our community so we can transition to 100% renewable energy. We must continue to move away from fossil fuels (just as our Electricity Industry has done) and prevent any further development of the fossil fuel infrastructure.

Green Hydrogen has the real potential to help in achieving these goals, so we must we continue to support projects such as Fuel Cell Buses and Hydrogen Gas Grid Injection projects. This should also include increased incentives for electric vehicles whether they are powered by batteries or hydrogen fuel cell as they will be a key part of in delivering the strategy to develop and utilise renewable energy resources.

Using Green Hydrogen efficiently and effectively gives us the Smart Hydrogen solution that can be delivered locally as demonstrated by the GenComm project where community energy schemes deliver benefits for local neighbourhoods. Hydrogen gives all communities the comfort of knowing there is an energy alternative when the building of infrastructure and use of fossil fuel is banned.

  • The Green Economy

The Island of Ireland can benefit greatly from a green economy when it includes new hydrogen technologies which are currently being developed here and across the world. There is a urgent requirement for targeted and new investment in renewable technologies that will provide the mush needed job growth in this new exciting sector that has a double win as it has a positive outcome for the environment.

It is key we support our existing innovative companies that are forward thinking, keen to develop new solutions by expanding and developing renewable and waste reduction products. By promoting the new green circular economy (including recycling) there is a massive potential to generate jobs as we move away from a fossil fuel based energy system to a locally generated renewable energy sector.

The Hydrogen Industry is convinced by working together we can lead the way in Europe, if not the World, in the fight against climate change however, we are far behind on our emissions targets, and have been slow on climate action compared to other EU countries. The time is right for us to reverse this statistic and ensure the Island of Ireland takes the lead on climate change. By all of our key sectors including Hydrogen, Environmental, Political, Governmental and Regulatory working together we will be in a position to take advantage of this renewable and economic opportunity as the world responds to climate change.

Mark Welsh

Hydrogen Ireland Board Member

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