UK based companies, Octopus Hydrogen, a part of the Octopus Energy Group, and NanoSUN, a developer of hydrogen distribution solutions, have announced a collaboration on the provision of mobile hydrogen refuelling for the automotive industry.

A new division of the Octopus Energy GroupOctopus Hydrogen has recently been established to bring to market a locally distributed ‘green hydrogen as a service’ proposition. With its key focus being to deliver an unrivalled end-to-end hydrogen supply solution with a customer centric approach, Octopus Hydrogen have joined forces with NanoSUN to answer the demands of end users where electrification is unable too.

Road transport is proving to be a significant challenge in the UK’s mission to reach net zero by 2050, with automotive vehicles accounting for the majority of carbon dioxide emissions. In the aim to address the impact of the nation’s current energy mix, green hydrogen is looking to be a key link in delivering sustainable renewable energy to the hard to decarbonise transport sector and achieve the transition to net zero.

The automotive industry is therefore actively developing hydrogen-fuelled transport including vehicles such as cars, busestrucks and forklifts. There is an ever-growing number of end user fleets looking to switch to hydrogen fuel for zero emission operation. Initial deployments, however, appear to be a challenge with a trend towards small path finder fleets running just a handful of hydrogen powered vehicles. A bridging refuelling solution for small fleets of vehicles is therefore proving to be a crucial requirement to kick start hydrogen vehicle take-up.

Under the partnership, Octopus Hydrogen has ordered an initial fleet of NanoSUN’s mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Stations. The mobile Pioneer HRS will be filled with green hydrogen produced at Octopus hydrogen facilities using Octopus Energy’s green electricity.

The initial Pioneer units are due for delivery early 2022, where they will function as a fully mobile, self-contained and automated hydrogen-refuelling station. Offering a complete solution for in-field and mobile refuelling, the Pioneer stations will enable the localised distribution, storage and dispensing of hydrogen fuel, presenting a vital low-cost steppingstone to facilitate the economic rapid deployment of the hydrogen ecosystem.

Octopus Hydrogen CEO and founder, Will Rowe commented, “Our focus is on delivering green hydrogen to the sectors which are hardest to decarbonise and cannot be solved by batteries alone, principally aviation and heavy duty road vehicles. Our aim is the decentralised production of green hydrogen via electrolysis, co-located with renewable energy generation, with localised distribution using depo-based Pioneer refuellers to refill customer hydrogen vehicles at a price which is comparable to that of conventional fossil fuels”.

NanoSUN Commercial Director, Lee Juby adds, “The partnership with Octopus Hydrogen is a fabulous opportunity for the NanoSUN Pioneer. We will be able to demonstrate the rapid deployment of hydrogen vehicle refuelling and the flexible multi-role nature of the Pioneer providing volume hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation and hydrogen dispensing in a single low-cost package.”

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