Think about a day at a beach, breathing fresh, clean air; and now compare this to walking on a footpath of a busy street, congested with cars, trucks and busses. There is no comparison! We don’t notice the potentially severe damage to our health of conventionally fossil fuelled vehicles until we are on a beach smelling the fresh air, miles from the city boundary!

As we decarbonise our energy system, the path for transport is clear…. Or is it?

One thing for certain is; it will be electric, battery electric passenger vehicles are aimed to scale to almost 50% of the fleet by 2030 and scooters, bicycles, city cars, small delivery vehicles, segways, lawnmowers, small construction vehicles and city buses may also covert to battery electric.  We have a winner… Or do we?

What about intercity trains, large trucks & delivery vehicles, tractors, coaches, taxis, commuter cars, diggers, boats, ferries and airplanes? How will these reduce their emissions and will they go electric… possibly but probably hydrogen fuel cell electric!

Dublin City University is conducting research funded by Science Foundation Ireland to gauge the level of interest in Hydrogen for heavy-duty vehicles across the island of Ireland in the coming years.

If you are a company that has a fleet of HDVs/HGVs we would like to hear what you have to say! It would greatly be appreciated if you would complete the survey.

It is straightforward and should take no more than 4 minutes. Please feel free to pass the survey along to those who might be interested to take part.

 Dr James Carton,

Hydrogen Ireland Chair

Picture: Michael Cooper

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