As the much awaited COP26 (UN Conference of the Parties) in Glasgow draws near the question is are we committed to the challenge of climate change. This 26th Conference takes place between 1 – 12 November 2021 at Hydrogen Ireland we would encourage all to help shape and inform  the conference by working through their representatives and professional bodies.

On the Island of Ireland the Electricity Industry supported by Government have built the foundations and have made a way for other sectors to start building a smart renewable future and to avail of the many commercial opportunities that the new low carbon sector will offer.

There is a lot of work to do and it is essential that all companies involved in the energy industry ensure their plans are backed up with quality research working together with policy makers and regulators.

As we have consistently said there is not one solution and we have shown how through our work in the GenComm project we have demonstrated how Green H2 is optimised, can become SMARTH” (Smart Hydrogen) and can be a key solution in our zero Co2 energy future by acting as a storage vector that increases renewable energy generation. We have provided detailed information to governments, local communities and industry across the EU, a picture of how the Hydrogen can help remove the roadblocks on our journey to a Zero Carbon solution

The conference gives the opportunity for countries to agree and legally commit to ensure carbon reductions and we believe the energy industry is key to delivering on these commitments.

However; we have to be realistic, yes great strides have been made and we have captured the low hanging fruit, but we now have to reach further, and this requires additional technical work, further R&D and this does come at a cost. The resources will have to be made together with a consistent and well thought out argument for implementing a net zero solution. We believe when this investment is made as part of an integrated energy strategy, communities will see real savings in economic and environmental terms and will live better in a new smart enabled world. It is essential Governments take the lead in delivering this message  

The current Covid pandemic should serve to reinforce our thinking in that what we thought as impossible can be made possible as hurdles can be circumnavigated and overcome. The way in which our private sector in the pharmaceutical Industry has worked with Governments to deliver and roll out the much needed vaccines within months, is an incredible feat and should serve to all as a perfect example of cohesive action and spur all to fresh thinking and come up with innovative  ideas and solutions necessary for a sustainable future and a just transition for all..

At Hydrogen Ireland we are focused on raising the issues along the entire transition journey including the development of a smart energy solution that shows how we all can play our part in a zero-emission future that brings benefits for all in our business and local communities.

Mark Welsh

Hydrogen Ireland Board Member

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