Hydrogen Ireland board members speaking at key events in Dublin and Belfast

Hydrogen Ireland stakeholder work – Feb 17-21, 2020 

It’s been a busy week for the Hydrogen Ireland team. Firstly on the evening of Tuesday 18 February Mark Welsh, from  GenComm partner Energia spoke at ‘The Mac’ in Belfast’s Cathedral quarter at a Northern Ireland Science Festival event called ‘The Future of Mobility’.  

In an attempt to halt climate change and improve air quality there is a push towards low carbon vehicles being ubiquitious on our roads, sea and air in tandem, work is accelerating on fully autonomous vehicles.  Mark spoke as part of a panel of experts from business and academia which also included David Tyler, Commercial Director, Artemis Technologies, and Andrew Woods, CEO of Catagen. Lorraine Acheson, Innovate UK Manager for Northern Ireland was the Chair of the event.  The event was part of the Innovate UK Grand Challenges series which focuses on the global trends which will transform our futures.  There is now in 2020 an upheaval in our mobility, energy and infrastructure systems.  A public announcement on January 29, 2020 by Translink, the Energia Group and Wrightbus with support from the Department for Infrastructure and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) paved the way for Belfast’s first ever hydrogen powered double decker buses.  

Meanwhile on Thursday February 20, 2020, Dr Rory Monaghan , from GenComm partner, NUIG was a speaker at the Irish Renewable Energy Summit 2020 in Croke Park, Dublin. Dr Monaghan is also the Chair of the Community Hydrogen Forum, (CH2F) a vital output of the GenComm project.  The 2020 Irish Renewable Energy Summitt looked at where Ireland is in terms of delivering renewable energy to meet its climate commitments.  The summit brought together key stakeholders from across the energy sector to discuss how the contribution from renewable energy can be maximized and implemented most effectively. 

Among the key themes covered at the Dublin event were the climate action plan and renewable energy policy, the next phase of onshore wind development, decarbonizing the gas network with biomethane and the electrification of transport.  

At a session on bioenergy chaired by Marie Donnelly from Renewable Energy Ireland, Dr Monaghan spoke on the topic, ‘Renewable Hydrogen is ready for take off’.  Among the other speakers was William Walsh, Chief Executive of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. Mr Walsh spoke on the topic, ‘Projections to 2030-Renewable Energy Outlook’.  

Hydrogen Ireland board members attend Translink hydrogen double decker bus project Belfast launch

Translink have signed a contract with GenComm partner Energia for the supply of renewably sourced hydrogen from an on shore Co Antrim windfarm and a contract with Wrightbus who will supply three new sustainable fuel cell electric double decker buses powered by Hydrogen. The launch event on January 29, 2020 was attended by the Chair of Hydrogen Ireland, Dr James Carton and by Hydrogen Ireland board members, Mark Welsh, Neil Morrow, Paul Mc Cormack and Ian Williamson. Hydrogen Ireland board member and Energia Group Energy Services Manager Mark Welsh welcomed the news saying: “We are delighted to partner with Translink on this renewable hydrogen project which brings together both public and private sector investment and innovation. The project will also be an important enabler for the development of the skills and capabilities of local companies, such as Wrightbus, so that export opportunities in the global hydrogen economy can be realised.”

Hydrogen Ireland Chair Dr James Carton and Hydrogen Ireland board members pictured at the January 29 , 2020 Translink media launch of Belfasts new double decker hydrogen buses
Pictured at the Translink media launch announcing news of Belfasts first ever hydrogen powered double decker buses are from left Mark Welsh, Energia Energy Services Manager, Nichola Mallon, Minister for Infrastructure, (NI) and Paul Mc Cormack, GenComm Programme Manager

New role for Hydrogen Ireland Chair Dr James Carton

Dr James Carton, Chair of Hydrogen Ireland has been appointed as Hydrogen Taskforce Expert to the United Nations Economic Commission For Europe (UN-ECE).

Hydrogen Ireland Board Member writes for Renewable Energy magazine

Dr Rory Monaghan, NUIG

Hydrogen Ireland Board member Dr Rory Monaghan, NUIG has written an article for Renewable Energy Magazine. Dr Monaghan provides an account of how hydrogen can enable the connection of Ireland’s offshore renewable potential with the countrys energy system. The creation of Hydrogen Ireland is mentioned in the article. https://www.energyireland.ie/renewable-hydrogen-is-ready-for-take-off-will-ireland-be-onboard/

Hydrogen Ireland Presentation at the Belfast Met Hydrogen and Low Emissions Alternative Fuels Seminar

Energia Energy Services Manager Mark Welsh explained at the Belfast Met Hydrogen seminar on November 28 2019 how Hydrogen Ireland will be taking up a position within Hydrogen Europe and how a hydrogen infrastructure is growing. https://www.nweurope.eu/media/8587/mark-welsh-energia-presentation.pptx

Hydrogen Ireland Board Member Mark Welsh speaking at the Belfast Met Hydrogen and Low Emissions Alternative Fuels Seminar on November 28, 2019

Hydrogen Mobility Ireland Strategy Paper ready for discussion

The document presents a detailed analysis across items such as – cost of ownership, comparison with other technologies, different hydrogen production scenarios, refuelling station approach, breakdown of investment needs and government support required.

The full report and a narrative summary may be accessed here…



Pictured at the launch of the Hydrogen Mobility Ireland Strategy paper are from left Dr James Carton, Chair of Hydrogen Ireland, David Strain, Department For Infrastructure, NI, Paul Mc Cormack, GenComm Programme Manager and Mark Welsh, Energia Energy Services Manager.

Dr James Carton to speak at Low Emissions Seminar

The Chair of Hydrogen Ireland Dr James Carton will be speaking at a Hydrogen and Low Emissions Fuels Seminar on November 28 , 2019 at Belfast Met’s E3 Campus, Springfield Road, Belfast, BT12 7DU.

The workshop will run from 09.00-13.45 GMT and will discuss the outputs of the  GenComm  project, safety training, environmental issues and the clean transport agenda. You will also hear about Belfast’s first hydrogen double deck bus and how the new 350 Bar hydrogen refuelling works.

You will also hear from a panel of technical leads in the NI hydrogen journey.

A Hydrogen Roadmap for Irish Transport 2020-2030 –  Hydrogen Mobility Ireland    

Hydrogen Ireland Association and a group of leading industrial players, and public sector bodies have come together to launch a coordinated strategy report for the deployment of hydrogen mobility in Ireland. The transport sector is currently the second highest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland. The use of hydrogen as a fuel for cars and heavy-duty vehicles can enable zero emissions transport.

We are reaching a consensus globally that renewables have a big role to play in reducing emissions and that electrification and storage can work hand in hand. Hydrogen is versatile, and is becoming very cost effective to produce from renewables. There are multiple projects across Europe, US and Asia that are scaling hydrogen production technology, allowing hydrogen to replace fossil fuels in steel & fertiliser industries, being shipped from Australia to Japan and enabling an unprecedented amount of interest for hydrogen transport; in fuel cell buses, cars, trains and trucks. These vehicles are difficult to decarbonise at scale other than using hydrogen.

In Ireland, currently about 35% of our electricity is from renewable wind. Ireland’s Climate Action Plan has aimed to reach 70% renewables by 2030, ban the sale of new petrol & diesel vehicles and have a million electric vehicles on the roads. Hydrogen in transport can support renewable energy, it can start small and scaleup fast to help enable Ireland’s Climate Action Plan to happen, making a real impact to reduce emissions in transport by 2030, for our climate & for our health.

“We see hydrogen playing a role in achieving Ireland’s climate targets in Transport, Heating, Energy & Storage. Our aim is to connect hydrogen with all sectors of energy and society, creating a new clean, zero-emission economy” Dr James Carton, Hydrogen Ireland Association.

Key Report Findings:

By 2030 the Hydrogen Mobility Ireland Strategy can Deliver many Benefits for Ireland, including:
 – Hydrogen as a mass market fully zero carbon fuel

 – Cost competitive clean transport

 – No local pollutant emissions

 – A solution for heavy use transport

 – Direct benefits for the Irish economy

 – Catalysing other hydrogen energy applications

 – Hydrogen from renewable energy

 – Hydrogen Fuel cell vehicles to include 30 Buses, 50 cars & 10 Trucks on Irish roads by 2023 

Please download the full public report HERE http://hydrogenireland.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/HMI_report_final_Oct3rd2019-2.pdf and Summary report HERE   http://hydrogenireland.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/HMI_narrative_summary_final_Oct3rd2019.pdf

Hydrogen Mobility Ireland members and Stakeholders

The launch of Hydrogen Ireland at Belfast City Hall , March 2019

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H2 View interview Hydrogen Ireland Co Founder Dr James Carton

H2 view Senior Journalist Joanna Sampson has interviewed Dr James Carton for the H2 View website. James has explained the key aims of Hydrogen Ireland and the special relationship with hydrogen that Ireland has.

Northern Ireland Hydrogen Transport Initiative gets go ahead

This NI hydrogen transport initiative aims to install one hydrogen fuelling station and provide three hydrogen buses as a result. The project is led by GenComm partner Energia. Check the details here  https://ee.ricardo.com/htpgrants

HUGE (Hydrogen Utilisation and Green Energy) project launch

The Huge project has been launched in Galway. GenComm Programme Manager Paul Mc Cormack was among the speakers at the launch https://actionrenewables.co.uk/news-events/post.php?s=new-eu-project-huge-to-launch-next-month