Dublin City University launches new Graduate Diploma & Masters in Sustainable Energy Systems

Imagine it is 2050, humanity has implemented the SDGs, decarbonisation is ongoing, destructive climate change is being avoided (not passing 1.5°C global temperature rise), it is a vibrant world, and the birds and bees still exist. Society, governments, scientists and engineers have worked together to implement change and the more optimistic modelling forecasts have borne true. What technological solutions and advanced energy systems have been invented, developed and deployed? How have these solutions been applied, implemented and integrated?

In the Annual Energy Recruitment and Employment Trends Report (2019), 48% of energy professionals are concerned about an impending talent emergency, while 32% believe the crisis has already hit the sector, and 28% report that their company has been affected by a skills shortage. According the Global Energy Talent Index (2017), 45% of employers in the renewable energy sector believe they can overcome the skills gap if enough qualified, skilled graduates are available.

Dublin City University has developed a new, modern, relavent programme that prepares graduates to meet the changing world of sustainability and the growing global challenge of transitioning to zero carbon while at the same time adapting sustainable energy systems that is environmentally sound, reliable and affordable.

The programme will provide engineering graduates with the skills to develop as a professional engineer with knowledge & competence in:

·         Energy, Sustainability and Environmental policy and compliance

·         Climate Change & Decarbonisation strategies

·         Energy audits, carbon foot printing, carbon budgets and economics

·         Energy system instrumentation, integration and measurement

·         Advanced energy systems, transport, energy vectors, and emerging renewable energy technologies, energy modelling and analysis.

Children born today will feel the brunt of global emissions inaction, but today, in 2020, we still have a chance to stop the worst impacts of Climate & related Biodiversity impacts by understanding our energy systems and implementing cleaner options.

Graduates of this programme will learn how a planned transition to a zero/negative carbon, environmentally sound, reliable, and affordable sustainable energy system, enabled by clean energy vectors of electricity and hydrogen can eliminate emissions from the energy sector, stop unnecessary unsustainable deforestation and how every business, home, government, but most importantly, every individual must act to ensure a positive outcome.

You can act today!

Interested in a Government Supported Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Energy Systems, find out more Here 

Interested in a Masters in Sustainable Systems and Energy, find out more Here

James Carton, DCU

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