The EU strategy for energy system integration  outlined a vision to create a smarter, more integrated and optimised energy system, in which all sectors can fully contribute to decarbonisation. Hydrogen will be an important element of that strategy, but its key role and its wider scope warrant a specific approach.

In this context, the Commission adopted a new dedicated strategy on hydrogen in Europe, in parallel with the strategy on energy system integration, on 8 July 2020. It will bring together different strands of action, from research and innovation over production and infrastructure to the international dimension

The new hydrogen strategy will explore the potential of clean hydrogen to help the process of decarbonising the EU economy in a cost-effective way, in line with the 2050 climate-neutrality goal, set out in the European Green Deal. It should also contribute to the recovery from the economic effects of COVID-19. The strategy will explore actions to support the production and use of clean hydrogen, focusing in particular on the mainstreaming of renewable hydrogen.

Check out the European hydrogen strategy here ->

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